Cloud Filesystem HekaFS
Jeff Darcy

Modern open-source distributed filesystems make it possible to provide file services at a scale and level of availability that's finally competitive with proprietary options. What they don't do - yet - is enable secure sharing of those resources between multiple user bases or organizations who pay for them. This talk will focus on how GlusterFS works to solve the first set of problems, and how HekaFS - which is based on GlusterFS - is solving the second. If you're tired of having to deal with umpteen departmental file servers, each configured differently, this approach might provide some relief.

slides (PDF, 97KB)


“The Path to Senior Sysadmin”
Adam Moskowitz

Being a senior system administrator is about more than knowing all the options to mount(8) or that modprobe is what's used to replace that buggy kernel module with the latest version. Rather, a good senior sysadmin will have a wide knowledge of relevant technical topics, in-depth knowledge of one or more technologies, good interpersonal skills, and the ability to manage "problem users" and will be comfortable making presentations to and negotiating with mid- and upper-level management. This talk will cover the skills a senior sysadmin needs and why they are necessary and will provide some suggestions for how to acquire these skills.

slides (PowerPoint, 29MB)
speaking notes (PowerPoint, 496KB)

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