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The Making of dcphonelist.com
Kevin Grinberg, Igor Pedan, and Yoni Samlan; dcphonelist.com

The story behind the web site that put the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called "DC Madam" on the web for everyone to see!

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Open Source Voice Over IP with Asterisk and It's Role in Your Enterprise
Nicholas Kathmann; Kathmann Consulting, LLC

Asterisk is an open source voice over IP project with significant reach into SMB and service providers, and is emerging more and more into the enterprise segment. With powerful features such as open standards, dialplan partitioning, advanced voice conferencing (including web interfaces and dial out), and contact center queuing, Asterisk is a viable contender in the VoIP market. Named in the top 10 open source companies to watch by networkworld.com (the company sponsoring the project, Digium), Asterisk has made significant leaps into large installations. Examples include Sam Houston University (6000 seats) and several sites in the Internet2 initiative, including MIT.

While the project is open source, it does not depend solely on mailing lists and irc channels for support. Many companies offer commercial support, including Digium, the company that sponsors the project and employs the main developers. Hardware components are available from several hardware manufacturers, and will actually work with existing Cisco gateways (such as the x800 series of ISR routers).

We will discuss VoIP in general, Asterisk's role in VoIP in your enterprise, and network and systems architectures required to support such a rollout.

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CommVault - Unified Data Management Architecture
Jim Goodrich, CommVault

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Information Slicing: Anonymity Using Unreliable Overlays
Sachin Katti, MIT

Highlights of HotBots '07 (and other security topics)
Niels Provos, Google (and Program Chair of HotBots '07)

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Technical Overview of 3Par "Utility Storage" products
Rob Li
3PARdata, Inc.

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Nagios and SEC: A Happy (Re-) Union
John Rouillard
Renesys Corporation and University of Massachusetts at Boston

Nagios is a leading open source service/network monitoring solution. SEC is an open source correlation engine. Recently the speaker has been working at linking the two bringing some much needed features for nagios users.

This talk will act as a primer for people interested in network and log monitoring using Nagios and SEC. It will point out places where SEC integration improves the ability of Nagios to recognize root causes and respond more appropriately to monitored events.

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