BBLISA Meetings

The Back Bay LISA holds monthly meetings, usually on the MIT campus in Cambridge. Meetings are usually scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00pm. See the BBLISA calendar for up to date info on scheduled talks.

Gatherings normally start at 7:00pm with an opportunity to meet other folk and chat. The meeting is called to order by 7:30pm, and consists of announcements, discussion of future activities, job announcements, and so on. Soon after, the talk for the evening will commence. The meeting usually goes on until 8:30-9:30, at which point folks often adjourn to a restaurant such as the Cambridge Brewing Company.

To see what's on the schedule, have a look at our calendar.

Past Meetings

To see what meetings you've missed, have a look at our list of past meetings. You can find speakers' slides there, too.

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