“Using MySQLtuner 2.0 to monitor and improve mysql performance”
Sheeri K. Cabral

With help from Major Hayden, mysqltuner's original author, Sheeri K. Cabral of the Pythian Group has modified mysqltuner to be more comprehensive, to output information and to have a "spreadsheet" mode where the results of mysqltuner are outputted as a single column, so that you can easily compare subsequent runs of the modified mysqltuner – for example, running it monthly or weekly to see how performance is progressing (or degrading). There is also a truly offline mode that requires no database connectivity where files containing the output of SHOW GLOBAL STATUS and SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES are used. This talk will go through how the the modified mysqltuner works including how easy it is to change what is checked and the thresholds, so that you can easily do one-off sanity checks as well as regular monitoring.

Sheeri K. Cabral (The Pythian Group) is a noted MySQL community activist who recently wrote The MySQL Administrator's Bible. Keep up with her MySQL writings at http://www.pythian.com/news/author/sheeri/.

slides (PDF, 243KB)


“Using IPv6”
Daniel Hagerty

Daniel has been using IPv6 for fun (and to get things done) for quite some time. Come learn what has and has not worked for him. Details of his personal dual-stack IPv6 setup will be presented as well as other experiences.

slides (PDF, 160KB)


“Building 16 systems in 16 minutes with xCAT”
Ali Tayarani

Ali Tayarani will discuss how we use xCAT to manage several hundred hosts in our general-purpose LSF-based compute cluster.

“Redefining Compute Nodes and Provisioning”
John Hanks

John Hanks will discuss his grand vision for the future (stateless compute nodes managed with Perceus), exemplified by our new genome-sequencing GridEngine cluster.


“How to Interview a System Administrator”
Adam Moskowitz

This will be a shortened version of Adam's LISA tutorial. The full description can be on the LISA 2007 web site.


(no meeting)


“I Got My Jet Pack and I'm Still Not Happy”
David Blank-Edelman

Systems administration needs help. Over the last twenty-five years or so I've watched the tools we've used just barely be able to keep up with the challenges of our field. New advancements in user interfaces get promised, offered, adopted and then shed with nothing but temporary relief. In this "from the trenches" talk we'll look some of the challenges that have thwarted our best efforts. I'll also show you some of my puny attempts to poke at the beast from new directions and see if I can enlist your expertise in the battle.

slides (PDF, 11.75MB)

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