[BBLISA-announce] Come to tonight's meeting!

Adam S. Moskowitz adamm at menlo.com
Wed Feb 11 07:31:41 EST 2004

Wednesday, February 11 -- that's tonight!

MIT Building E51, Room 149; 7:00 p.m.

Bill Van Etten from The BioTeam will present an overview of
bioinformatics, common BIFX applications, and an introduction to the
biology behind all this stuff.

I've seen Bill's slides; this promises to be a good talk! Bill is an
excellent speaker and really knows his stuff; I strongly encourage you
to come hear him.

You may not care about biology or bioinformatics now, but working in the
Boston area a biotech or genomics company could easily be in your

As if all this isn't enough, we'll once again have fabulous door prizes.

For complete details, check our web site:


See you there!


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