[BBLISA-announce] Seminars at Cambridge Computer

Adam S. Moskowitz adamm at menlo.com
Mon Feb 9 09:53:52 EST 2004

Cambridge Computer is offering a series of free seminars that may be of
interest to BBLISA folks.

All of the lectures will be held at the Microsoft regional office in
Waltham (201 Jones Road). To register or any of these lectures:

    Phone: 781-250-3240
    Email: Lectures at cambridgecomputer.com
    Online: http://www.cambridgecomputer.com/lecture_register.cfm

1. Topic: "Next Generation Backup & Restore"
   Thursday, February 19, 9am - 12pm

   Why are backups still such a pain?!? This lecture explains it all:
   Where are backup system bottlenecks (they're never where you think
   they are), SAN-enabled backup, disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape, the
   latest tape technologies (LTO, SDLT, AIT, S-AIT), backup software,
   iSCSI, and more.

2. Topic: "MS SQL: Storage Management and Data Protection for MS SQL
   Thursday, February 19, 1-4pm

   This lecture focuses on storage management challenges specific to MS
   SQL server. We discuss storage management, SAN, NAS, performance
   optimization, fault-tolerance, the latest backup and restore
   technologies, and high availability clusters.

3. Topic: "MS Exchange: Storage Management and Data Protection for MS
   Thursday, March 11, 9am - 2pm

   Specifically geared for MS Exchange, this lecture covers email
   archiving, regulatory compliance, SAN, NAS, brick-level backup,
   individual message restore, continuous backup, high availability,
   performance optimization, and a number of other hot topics for
   MS Exchange.

4. Topic: "iSCSI and Ethernet SAN Networking"
   Tuesday, March 30, 9am - 2pm

   iSCSI is a hot new technology that combines the brute force of SCSI
   with the flexibility of TCP/IP. We show you how to take advantage of
   iSCSI and illustrate the many ways in which iSCSI can be integrated
   with your existing servers, storage, and networking hardware. Popular
   topics include iSCSI v. NAS, storage virtualization, storage life
   cycle management.

5. Topic: "Next Generation Storage Networking"
   Tuesday, April 13, 9am - 2pm

   The storage industry is experiencing a flurry of innovation.
   Whereas many storage management problems used to be unsolvable
   or require unique solutions, there are now many new ways to skin
   the cat.  The purpose of this lecture is to help students make sense
   out of all of these new technologies and to identify those which are
   relevant to their organizations. We discuss the technologies at a
   technical level in the context of the problems they purport to solve.

For more information please contact:

   Parrish Blaszka
   pblaszka at cambridgecomputer.com

Please DO NOT contact me -- I'm just forwarding this message for


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