BBLISA was founded in July 1992 to provide a forum for meetings and presentations of interest to system and network administrators in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

While "LISA" stands for Large Installation System Administration, BBLISA is for administrators of both large and small networks.

Membership in the group is free and becoming a member is as easy as subscribing to one of our mailing lists.

The name Back Bay LISA was adopted after the sister organization "Bay LISA", in the San Francisco bay area. Back Bay is an area of Boston, and Boston being back east and also on a bay made the name seem appropriate.

We have a list of sites that are of interest to System Administrators.

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Upcoming Meeting

May 11, 2016

Security Incident Response Workflows

Jeremy Ventura

Security stops people from getting in, detection tells you when the security (pretty much inevitably) failed, and response is what you do about it. Part accident investigation, part compliance, part public relations - response is an interdisciplinary field that is an increasingly important and distinct part of the information security industry. Join us as we talk about it.

Jeremy is in the professional services department at Resilient Systems (you may remember them as where Bruce Shneier wound up) where he works with some fairly large customers on the development of their incident response workflow, plans, and associated documentation.

MIT E-51, Room 145
7:00 - Announcements & Introductions
7:30 - Formal presentation

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