BBLISA was founded in July 1992 to provide a forum for meetings and presentations of interest to system and network administrators in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

While "LISA" stands for Large Installation System Administration, BBLISA is for administrators of both large and small networks.

Membership in the group is free and becoming a member is as easy as subscribing to one of our mailing lists.

The name Back Bay LISA was adopted after the sister organization "Bay LISA", in the San Francisco bay area. Back Bay is an area of Boston, and Boston being back east and also on a bay made the name seem appropriate.

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Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Managing cloud costs and technical requirements
when every engineer is an admin

“Herding Cats in the Cloud”

Dewey Sasser

How do you keep your sanity when most developers can log in to your cloud console and create/destroy/manipulate resources? How do you implement policies and procedures when you have many developers doing different things with different tooling and the lowest common manager is the CEO? Traditional methods of creating policies and procedures managed by a small operations group will not work -- these are barriers to agility and velocity which industry trends are actively attacking. Dewey will present a set of practices and tools for managing DevOps with staff responsibilities ranging from pure development to pure operations and responsibilities to manage multiple products experiencing multiple thousands of TPS.

Dewey Sasser is a distributed systems software architect who accidentally wondered into operations near the beginning of the DevOps movement. He is currently working as a Cloud Solutions Architect for a major gaming company.

MIT E-51, Room 145
7:00 - Announcements & Introductions
7:30 - Formal presentation

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