[BBLISA-announce] July 13th Meeting

David Allan dave at dpallan.com
Tue Jun 28 13:06:25 EDT 2005

Wednesday, July 13; MIT E51-149.
7:00 Intros & Announcements
7:25 Drawing for door prizes
7:30 Presentation

Capturing System Crash Information for Postmortem Analysis
Jeff Moyer, RedHat

Full details on our web site:



System crashes cannot be avoided, but steps can be taken to minimize the
incurred downtime. This talk focuses on how to collect as much information
as possible at the time of a crash to help developers fix the problem
before the crash happens again (or at least reduce the number of
test/reboot cycles required to classify the problem)

The talk begins with an overview of many of the tools available today,
ranging from the basic panic/oops message deciphering to kernel crash dump
facilities and kernel probes. Each tool is described at a high level,
providing basic information on what it does, why it is useful, and whether
it is supported by the various Linux distributions. The talk then focuses
in on Netdump and Crash, providing a walk-through on how to set up netdump
under Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core. The talk concludes with a
live demo of the crash program.

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