[BBLISA-announce] Next month's meeting

Adam Moskowitz adamm at menlo.com
Mon Mar 26 19:56:39 EDT 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
MIT E-51 Room 149
7:00  Introductions and announcements
7:30  Formal presentations

This month, BBLISA coincides with the USENIX's NSDI (Symposium on
Networked Systems Design & Implementation), and we're lucky enough to
have two speakers from the conference joining us.

First, Sachin Katti of MIT will present his paper "Information Slicing:
Anonymity Using Unreliable Overlays."

Then, the chair of the HotBots '07 workshop ("Hot Topics in
Understanding Botnets), Niels Provos (Google Inc.) will present
highlights from the workshop.

Since most of you won't be attending the conference, this is a great
chance to come and hear some very interesting stuff -- and for a *LOT*
less than it would cost to go to the conference. :-)

I hope to see you all there.


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